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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your First Home

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your First Home

Your first home is an exciting move to make; your own place to put your own style stamp on, and to decorate as you like. But finding the perfect apartment is only half of the battle, and decorating is a much smaller battle, but what about furniture for your home? What do you buy first? What is most important, how do you know what to buy, or what is the best, and where do you spend your money first?

Also, if you are buying furniture as a couple, your idea and your other half’s idea may not exactly meet in the middle – which could end up being a point of contention, leaving you with a sore toe every time you walk past that red couch and kick it a little. There are many contributing factors to take into account when you are buying furniture for your new home, and they may play a big part in what you choose and when you buy it.

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Pick and Choose

Your budget is going to be the biggest deciding factor in this shopping trip, so it will pay to plan carefully. Do not go out and get everything all at once cheaply, instead of waiting for a little while and buying one good quality item at a time. As part of a couple, you will need to plan beforehand how much money you are going to be able to spend, and what kind of style you are going for. You may not know that your partner will be delighted with vintage hardwoods, when you had your heart set on a minimalist steel and chrome look.

Have a look at the space as a second consideration, vintage furniture can be bulky, you may not always be able to get what you really want at first, and you might have to go for something a bit smaller.

Bed First

When it comes to what to get first, the answer must most definitely be your bed, and don’t skimp on what you spend here; buy the absolute best that your budget can afford. You are going to keep it for a number of years, and even if you only have pillows to sit on the floor in the living room, you need to sleep well at night. Be aware that the most expensive bed is not always the best one for you. If you can’t decide initially, don’t rush into it – grab an air mattress until you find the bed that suits you.

Patience and Saving

Next, go out and buy a good quality lounge suite – another furniture item that, if looked after properly and purchased from a reputable furniture store, will be able to last a good long time. Don’t hesitate to chuck a nice throw over a tatty couch until you save up the money, your friends are not your friends because of the couch you have. Then, start planning for a dining table. If your space is small, you may want to consider one of those tables with an extension that folds up underneath.

Buy good quality, do your homework and don’t be in a hurry. What was the first piece of furniture you bought for your first home, and do you still have it? That’s right. For things that you will use often and for a long time, you should select carefully to make an investment that worth it. I hope you find this short article helpful. Here is another article that will show you how to increase the look as well as the value of your house.

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