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DIY Home Staging For Quicker Sales At The Price You Want

DIY Home Staging For Quicker Sales At The Price You Want

Home sellers now have a little harder time making the sale due to the housing market cooling off. Homes that normally sold in a couple weeks are now taking months on average. In order to sell a home today, sellers must make the home a standout in buyer appeal. By freshening up and decorating the house inside and out, sellers increase their chances of making a quick sale at their asking price.

Today, the housing market uses the Internet as an effective tool for displaying homes. Often, this is the first glimpse of a home that potential buyers get, making the need for inviting online photos, which shout — buy me, crucial. However, over-decorating and leaving personal items out gives the wrong impression. Decorating a home for the best sales advantage is known as staging.

How Do You Stage A Home For Sale?

Unclutter, repair small fix-it problems, remove personal items and put just a few artsy pieces in attractive places to add appeal. The home should exude harmonious warmth. Open space, wonderful aromas and squeaky-clean surfaces are in order. Fresh coats of paint, especially light neutral colors, create the most bang for your dollars. All rooms should be light and airy. However, add some dramatic floor lighting and spotlights behind a large plant, or on top of a bookcase, to add mood and to spark ideas for the buyers.

Much depends on whether the seller is living in the home while it is up for sale. If so, pack up as much as possible and store in a public storage unit. Moreover, all personal mementos, such as family photos, awards, business papers and especially utility bills should remain out of sight.

Rent spotlights and trendy lighting while the house listing is active. Remember, anything bought to showcase the home for sale will go with the seller to their new home. Replace droopy plants with new ones, buy a new appliance and position fresh-cut flowers near the front entry for higher returns when the house sells.

Potential buyers will look in cupboards and drawers, so make these areas tidy and clean. Closets should have at least half of the clothing packed away as well. This chore will take place when the house sells, anyway, so it is wise to start packing before showing the home.

What Should The Home Look Like After Staging?

The desired effect is light, updated and as spacious as a blank canvas. House-hunters want room to walk around without a lot of furniture in the way; only select pieces, preferably in small groupings, should be visible. Add some inexpensive mirrors from pricegrabber.com to bring in as much natural light as possible. While you are shopping for mirrors, grab scented candles to give the home a wonderful scent. Additionally, consider ordering at least one new bath towel set for each bathroom, for display purposes only.

One fabulous trick to stage a home yourself is to first visit a home and garden show. Home builder and decorator industry shows are great for gleaning trendy ideas. Later, copy their sizzling tricks when staging your home for sale.

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